Car Rentals 365 is the home to Sydney’s most exciting and exclusive fleet of prestige and luxury car rentals. We welcome you to our car rental compeny and invite you to discover why more Sydney customers prefer us.

We have always shared a love for cars, effortless driving, excitement and unforgettable experiences. Since day one we have complemented that passion with expert knowledge, resulting in our best fleet yet of prestige and luxury rental vehicles.

We are not your everyday car rental company

As a professional car rental company we strive to offer all our customers personalised and distinct service. Our friendly team will prepare your rental vehicle of choice with care, then deliver it personally to you. Our customers have often referred to our service as a “First Class Valet Service” and “VIP Car Rental Treatment”.

Unlike other competitors our service is personal

At Car Rental 365 we make it our mission to deliver an experience that feels both custom and personal. That is why we take the time to understand your wants and needs. This enables us to provide you with a vehicle that is tailored to our specific requirements. From a convertible Mercedes to travel the streets of Sydney in style, to a Porsche Cayenne 4WD for mum, dad and the kids to enjoy during their week-long stay. We have a luxury car rental for all your needs.

What vehicles does our rental car company offer?

We offer our customers the most prestigious range of European luxury vehicles. Having said that, we are also proud to bring our selective clientele vehicles which other competitors do not offer. We work closely with several luxury brands which include but are not limited to Mercedes, Audi, Porsche & BMW.

With our rental car company, you get what you book

We regularly invite our customers to participate in surveys to better understand their needs and improve our services. During these surveys, many of our clients who had previously booked with other rental car companies in Sydney mentioned that in many occasions they were given an “alternative” vehicle and not the one they had originally booked.

With our car rental company, on the other hand, you get what you book. In other words, when you book your Mercedes AMG, you get your Mercedes AMG.

You will not be disappointed in Car Rentals 365’s range, the value our vehicles offer nor in our efficient and personalised customer service.

Why was our car rental company established?
Our CEO spent many years studying the luxury car rentals industry in Sydney. His aim was simple, to put together a car rentals company that can deliver on their promises every time. One that would not only provide their clients with the best range of vehicles but most importantly deliver excellent service with a personal touch and a smile.

The process was long, however, arriving at the “final product” and seeing our customers reactions was the ultimate reward.

Nevertheless, during this research and development stage, our CEO spotted a number of flaws in the Sydney car rental industry:

  • There wasn’t a rental car company in the current market catering for for families on a budget holiday;
  • There are minimal car rental companies who hire out luxury and prestige vehicles;
  • These companies have exuberant hire fees;
  • These companies enforce minimum and maximum hire out periods;
  • Their services do not feel personalised;
  • No flexibility in the car hire process; and
  • Different vehicles to the ones originally booked are being offered to customers at delivery/collection point.

It is for all of the reasons above and many more, that our CEO founded our car rentals company: Car Rentals 365. To create memorable experiences for all our customers through excellence in personalised customer service, an exciting and luxuries range of vehicles and affordable prices.

Contact us to book your next luxury car rental with Car Rentals 365 and never look back.